UTE Bearings Co. Ltd., founded in 1987, is one of the constitutors of China Standards & Regulations for Precision Angular Contact Bearings. Through the years, UTE has devoted on technical developments and innovation, achieving almost 20 patent technologies registered. In 2005, UTE was honored as Provincial High-Tech Enterprise. A...[More]

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Medical Dental Handpiece Bearing
High speed dental drill bearing is the heart of high speed dental handpiece. 17 years ago, UTE was the first one to devote in its design and new material use. UTE dental drill bearing can give a stable performance as 400 thousand revolutions per minute (RPM), which has led dental treatment to a painless era.
S418 and S718 series dental drill bearing, the fe...
Precision Machine Tool Bearing
We are aware that accurate combination is very important for the performance of machine tool bearings.
As the principal manufacturer of professional machine tool bearings, UTE engineers have devoted themselves into the research of bearing manufacturing and inspecting equipment. As an example, UTE created a unique gauge to measure the protruding part of bear...
Medical Image Equipment
After 3 year of research, in Sept. 2007, new designs of bearing module for X-ray and CT tube from UTE passed the requirements of new product and technology items group. UTE technicians creatively used positive and negative force loading structure, ion silver-gilt balls, groove spattering MOS2 and solid lubrication to make reliable products with good material...